Resources for at-home learning during COVID-19

Wide Open School is a collection of the best free online learning activities and experiences curated by Common Sense Media.

Vroom is also a wonderful free resource for parents of children in the 0-5 year old age range.

Bedtime Math is a free math app that we always recommend to parents, but especially now.

Audible Stories is offering free streaming for as long as schools are closed.

Cosmic Kids Yoga combines imagination and storytelling with yoga and mindfulness.



TutorND provides FREE evidence-based learning and enrichment programs in literacy and math!


Our intervention for improving children's understanding of equivalence (ICUE)

Children's understanding of math equivalence in elementary school predicts their algebra readiness in middle school. Unfortunately, most children struggle to understand this foundational concept. We designed a supplemental intervention to improve children's understanding of math equivalence, and it has been shown to work in a small, randomized experiment. It's currently being tested in a larger efficacy study with the help of WestEd. Watch videos explaining each of the four components of the ICUE intervention by clicking the following links:

The ICUE intervention was featured in a "What Would You Fight For?" Commercial on NBC!

Free PDF downloads

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