The math intervention Prof. McNeil and her research team have developed was featured in a "What Would You Fight For?" Commercial on NBC. This intervention is designed to improve children's understanding of mathematical equivalence, a fundamental concept in math. To learn more about the intervention, please read this summary. The efficacy of the intervention is currently being tested with the help of WestEd.

Ways for parents to help promote mathematical thinking and understanding

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    Play board games (e.g., Chutes and Ladders,Yahtzee, Battleship, and Connect Four) and card games (e.g., War and Set) together as a family.

  • Praise children for the process (e.g., “you found a great strategy for solving that problem”), and help children see mistakes as learning opportunities.

  • When going over your child’s math homework, ask open-ended questions like “how do you know that’s correct?” and “explain the strategy you used here.”

  • Point out and discuss math in everyday life like in cooking, shopping, sports, and plots of storybooks.

  • Challenge children to decompose numbers, focusing on ten (e.g., 5 & 5, 3 & 7) and base-10 structure (e.g., 25 is two tens and five ones, 50 is five tens and zero ones).

Additional resources for parents and educators

If you are interested in learning more about evidence-based practices, check out these super helpful IES Practice Guides, which you can download for free.