Prof. Nicole McNeil is the director of the CLAD Lab at the University of Notre Dame. She is a professor of psychology and holds an ACE College Chair. She received her B.S. from Carnegie Mellon and her Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin. She did a postdoc at Yale. Her research focuses on cognitive development in the areas of symbolic understanding, quantitative reasoning, and problem solving. Prof. McNeil is a member of the developmental and CBB area groups in the psychology department. She also directs the Education Schooling and Society minor on campus and is a Fellow of the Institute for Educational Initiatives, which houses the ND PIER program. She serves on the Restorative Justice Education Committee for the SBCSC. For more information, check out her CV, email, or follow her on Twitter.


Joanna Azar is the lab manager of the CLAD lab. She received her BS in education from Indiana University Bloomington and her MS in education from Indiana University South Bend. She taught math and language arts for 7 years in traditional classroom settings and then went on to teach critical reading for 10 years in an online classroom for Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. She is interested in learning about which types of counting books help children develop their math fluency most effectively, while also learning how to best organize the lab to create a welcoming and user-friendly lab!


Connor O'Rear is third year graduate student in the lab. He came to Notre Dame from Wabash College, where he majored in psychology. Connor is interested in how and why certain lessons and instructional interventions promote children's conceptual understanding and math achievement. 



Patrick Kirkland is a first-year graduate student in the lab. He joined the CLAD Lab after teaching middle school math as an ACE teaching fellow in Savannah, GA and then working for the ACE team here on campus. Patrick is interested in how middle school students construct problem solving strategies in the context of their math classrooms. He is particularly interested on the effect of word problems in the math curriculum, and how the design of word problems impacts students’ sense-making.



Sarah Sun is a junior studying psychology and Spanish from San Francisco. She is interested in learning more about how children learn and develop cognitively, especially in situations that challenge their previously established ways of thinking. After graduation, she hopes to continue working with children and go to graduate school.



Wiktoria Kozlowska is a junior majoring in mathematics and participating in the Secondary Education program through Saint Mary's College. After graduating, she hopes to be a high school math teacher. She is interested in learning how children form the foundation of their mathematical knowledge and how this impacts their performance in the future. She believes this will help her be a more effective teacher one day.


Alice Felker is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Applied and Computational Math and Statistics (ACMS) and minoring in Education, Schooling, and Society.  She is interested in studying the developmental differences in mathematical cognition, specifically in relation to children with documented learning and developmental disabilities.  After graduation, she hopes to participate in the ACE Teaching Fellows program and later work toward a PhD in Educational or Clinical psychology.



Megan Miranda (research staff). Graduate Student in School Psychology @ Tufts University.

Regina Ekaputri '18. ACE Teaching Fellows.

Rachel Iverson '18. AmeriCorps VISTA member at North Park University.

Zosia Zdanowicz '18. Medical School @ Loyola University in Chicago.

Jenna Galuska '18. Analyst.

Caroline Byrd Hornburg (grad student). Postdoc @ Purdue University.

Lauren Crawford (research staff). Graduate Student in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology @ Boston College.
Tom Hughes '17. Deloitte in NYC.
Natalie Vos '17. PACE Teaching Fellows. 
Alex Viegut '17. Graduate Student in Educational Psychology @ University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Elena Silla '17. ACE Teaching Fellows. 
Shannon Gaylord '17. Masters in Social Work @ University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Bri Devlin (research staff). Graduate Student in Learning Sciences @ University of Delaware.
Ellie Sato '16. Medical School @ University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Alex Bohnsack '16. ACE Teaching Fellows.
Taylor Kelly '16. ACE Teaching Fellows.
Cristina Carrazza (research staff). Graduate Student in Psychology @ University of Chicago.
Valerie Williams '15. Masters in nursing at NYU.
Emily Geiger-Medina '15. Mathematica Policy Research.
Alice Tollaksen '15. Au Pair for family in Paris, France.
Marisa Rieber '15. PACE in Hawaii.
Erin Celeste '15. ACE Teaching Fellows @ Notre Dame.
Grace Bunsa '15. Position in Human Resources.
Casey Hall '14. Graduate Student in Psychology @ University of Chicago.
Lori Petersen (grad student). Postdoc @ University of Chicago.
Dana Chesney (postdoc). Postdoc @ Ohio State.
Andrea Renfroe '13. Graduate Student in Speech Language Pathology @ University of Washington.
Rebecca Kibler '13. French Embassy's Teaching Assistant Program in France then TFA.
Paul DiGaetano '13. Medical School @ St. George's University.
Mary McKeever (research staff). Veterinary Medicine School @ Ohio State.
April Dunwiddie (research staff). Stay at home mom.
Stephanie Borjas '12. Graduate Student in School Psychology @ University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Percival Matthews (postdoc). Assistant Professor @ University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Anne Smrek '12. Graduate Student in School Psychology @ Ohio State.
Mary Wheeler '12. Research Assistant in Psychology @ UT-Dallas.
Lauren Wester '11. Fullbright Fellow.
Erica Pepitone '11. Graduate Student in Irish Writing at Trinity College Dublin.
Emily Fyfe '10. Graduate Student in Psychology @ Vanderbilt University.
Jenny Heil '10. Graduate Student in Sociocultural Anthropology @ Washington University in St. Louis.
Noelle Crooks '09. Graduate Student in Psychology @ University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Matt Gibson '08. Teach For America in Miami.
Krysten Williams '08. Graduate Student in Psychology @ Rutgers University.