General Contact Information

Lab Director: Nicole McNeil
Lab Manager: Amy Miyahara

Phone: 574-631-5250
Mailing address: 390 Corbett Family Hall, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556

Prospective Research Assisants

Thanks for your interest in joining the Cognition Learning and Development (CLAD) Lab!

We are a cognitive science research lab. Cognitive science in an inherently interdisciplinary field, involving psychology, neuroscience, education, computer science, philosophy, linguistics, and anthropology. We specialize in the development of mathematical cognition, so we also welcome students majoring in mathematics. Our lab offers a unique opportunity for highly motivated students to immerse themselves in a rigorous academic environment that values diversity, collaboration, service, and the shared pursuit of knowledge. As an undergraduate research assistant in our lab, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in and present at lab meetings, where you will be exposed to the latest research in cognitive science.
  • Serve as a tutor in a high-impact tutoring program, where you will get to apply theories and and evidence-based practices to help children develop reading fluency and mathematical understanding.
  • Collaborate with a learning design team to continuously improve and refine learning and enrichment programs, gaining valuable experience in curriculum design.
  • Engage in open science and open education, promoting transparency, replicability, and accessibility in research and teaching.
  • Assist with data collection, data coding, statistical analysis, and dissemination of findings.
  • Develop leadership and communication skills that will be valuable in any career path.

Although our lab is currently at full capacity, we regularly seek out fresh perspectives and new talent. We encourage you to fill out an application to be placed on our waiting list. Also, check back regularly for updates on new opportunities to join our team.